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Residential Transactions

We are often asked to assist with residential sales transactions.

Normally, brokers are equipped to manage the negotiations, preparation of deposit receipts, disclosure obligations, satisfaction of contingencies, and closing. Sometimes, however, no brokers are involved, and we assist the parties in preparing the necessary documents, meeting disclosure requirements and closing the transaction. Other times, questions arise that require an attorney even though a real estate agent is involved. Listing agreements, a broker’s performance or a seller’s disclosure obligations are common areas of dispute. A buyer may need counseling on his or her due diligence in connection with the property, its title or financing. A dispute may trigger the mediation or arbitration clause of the purchase and sale contract. Disputes involving a home can take on a great sense of urgency, and efficient, practical, solution-oriented counseling is required. Our real estate and litigation attorneys have substantial experience solving these problems, and are familiar with the brokers, attorneys and mediators in the community. We work to achieve a fair balance between asserting overly strident positions that may become deal-breakers and acceding to unreasonable demands – we seek solutions.