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Development and Construction

Our Real Estate Group takes pride in working with landowners who need assistance developing their land.

We work with owners and their banks and advisors, and consult with independent real estate professionals to help develop sound strategies for a successful project. Questions may arise relating to valuation, subdivision, land-use entitlements, construction lending, development agreements, joint venture proposals, environmental compliance and due diligence. A strategy may involve a hybrid approach, incorporating ground leases, outright sales, and subdivided parcels, and may require the formation of new entities for tax or estate planning or limitation of liability. To develop a cohesive plan, our mission is to work constructively with banks, municipalities, and development partners to help our clients understand each step of the process and successfully accomplish their goals.

We also assist both owners and contractors on the wide variety of issues that arise in connection with commercial and residential construction projects. We regularly represent clients in the negotiation and preparation of agreements with architects, general contractors, construction managers and sub-contractors, when it is important to keep the project moving, while paying attention to critical issues such as insurance coverage, indemnification, scope of work, changes, delay, arbitration, warranties and liquidated damages. Of even more importance, we also represent parties during the course of construction and as completion approaches, when issues of timeliness, cost or quality of work so often arise.

If a dispute arises, our litigation group is prepared to prosecute or defend of any claim, whether in litigation, arbitration or mediation.