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“Excellence out the door!”


The firm was founded in 1949. Warren Thoits, a World War II Navy veteran just out of law school, joined Dave Samuels, who had been practicing law in Palo Alto for many years, and the firm of Samuels & Thoits was born. Warren’s family had come to Palo Alto from New England in the late 19th century, and he had no intention of practicing law anywhere else. Together, Dave and Warren followed one overriding principle that has remained the firm’s motto to this day: “Excellence out the door!”


Over the years, other attorneys who shared Warren and Dave’s philosophy joined the firm. With the passage of time and the increasing complexity of the legal needs faced by families and businesses in Palo Alto and Silicon Valley, the firm grew, although slowly and carefully, adding experienced attorneys who not only shared the firm’s goals, but also increased its depth and expertise. Although the firm has grown, and its name has changed to Thoits Law, its commitment to excellence has remained constant.

The continuity of the firm stands as a representation of its philosophy: personal attention to each client’s needs through lasting relationships, shared expertise, compassion, and wisdom born of knowledge, experience and practical judgment.


For Thoits Law, “excellence” means more than excellent work. It means practicing with integrity, honesty and respect. It means having attorneys who are not only intelligent, caring and personable, but committed to the community. It means having happy, satisfied staff members, who enjoy coming to work every day.

Warren R. Thoits Award

Each year the firm selects a staff member to receive the Warren R. Thoits Award. The purpose of the award is to recognize excellence of character. The award is given to that staff member whose daily work and attitude best exemplify the firm’s core values of professionalism, dignity, selflessness, respect for others, trustworthiness, and personal responsibility and whose every effort advances the reputation and work of the firm, as a whole. These values infuse the mission and philosophy of the firm and have guided its work for clients and its community service for more than 70 years.