Addendum to Tenant Estoppel Certificate dated ___________, 20__





The attached Tenant Estoppel Certificate is being executed and delivered by Tenant subject to the terms and conditions contained in this Addendum.


This Addendum amends the attached Tenant Estoppel Certificate (the “Estoppel”) dated _____________, 20__.


The statements in the Estoppel are to Tenant’s actual knowledge as of the date thereof and are made without any duty of independent inquiry.  The Estoppel does not amend the Lease, impose new obligations or duties on the Tenant, increase any obligations or duties of the Tenant, or decrease any of Tenant’s rights under the Lease or under law.


In no event shall the issuance of the Estoppel subject Tenant to any liability whatsoever, even in the event of any negligent or otherwise inadvertent failure of Tenant to disclose correct or relevant information.  The Estoppel will not constitute a waiver with respect to any act of Landlord for which approval by Tenant was required, but which was not obtained.  The Estoppel shall not serve as an estoppel (i) as between Tenant and Landlord; or (ii) as against the third party for whose benefit the Estoppel was issued if (a) the matters certified to are contained in the Lease, or (b) such third party has actual knowledge of the matters in the Estoppel or has reasonable means and opportunity to ascertain the facts of the matters addressed in the Estoppel.


In the event of a conflict between this Addendum and other provisions of the Estoppel, this Addendum 1 shall control.






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